When to Update a Kitchen Counter-Tips

Often the counter doesn’t have to be replaced to look wonderful. If your counter isn’t damaged or worn out, perhaps it just needs a good cleaning and some d├ęcor to update it for show time. Consider the look you have and the look you want, perhaps you can combine the two and update simply with edges, or a background of wallpaper boarder? Hiring a carpenter to replace your counter can cost as much as $200.00 per running foot or more depending on the materials. If you opt to re-edge your counter, the neighborhood handyman may do it for a few pennies on the dollar in comparison. Consider purchasing a miter saw and doing it yourself if you’re handy with wood.Here are some tips for knowing when to update a kitchen counter.

A glue gun will reattach torn off pieces of Formica. Sand paper works a miracle on corning counter tops. A little bleach on a cloth will take out most stains. Consider adding a built in chopping block beside the stove where your mother-in-law burned a hole in the counter.

Backing the counter with a nice vinyl wallpaper boarder offers multiple options for the background look of your counter. Install a metal or cork surround if the price is right. Consider painting the area and using a sponged overlay of waterproof glaze to finish the back wash off with color. Stenciling can be finished off with a clear coat of waterproof paint.

For show, display matching canisters and a large platter with a few ornamental dishes. The appearance of your kitchen during show time should resemble a cozy corner for tea. Perhaps a tea kettle on the stove and a kitchen table set for tea with a three tier tray of cookies? This is a room where your buyer will be spending a great deal of time, make it appear comfortable and inviting. Don’t hesitate to add a throw pillow to the window seat, or light a candle on the counter, if that’s how you would live, your buyer might want to live that way too.