Testosterone Replacement in Wauwatosa, WI-Guidelines

To function well and maintain a good health condition, your testosterone must always be at normal level. However, it is already a natural occurrence that the number of testosterone decreases as you age. Usually it starts at age 30 and gradually declines each year.Have a look at Testosterone Replacement in Wauwatosa, WI for more info on this.

The decrease in number of testosterone results to various health risks and numerous body changes. These results can slow you down in performing your daily activities if not totally stopping you from fulfilling them. In general, testosterone deficiency will negatively affect your well-being and will keep you from living a quality life.

To reverse its effects, there is testosterone replacement therapy that you can take. This therapy can bring back your testosterone level to normal, rejuvenating and restoring your younger strength and form.

Among the specific effects of testosterone replacement therapy are:

Increased bone and muscular strength

Improved mental alertness

Decreased cholesterol level

Increased energy level

Increased sexual functions

Improved mood

Enhanced body form

Maintained secondary health characteristics

There are several ways of delivering testosterone replacement therapy. It can either be through a patch, a tablet, a gel or an injection. Each of these methods got its own claim of effectiveness however, each may also have a side effect.

Testosterone Patch or Transdermal System. This one is becoming the most used method of testosterone replacement therapy. Its process involves the application of a testosterone patch to scrotal, appendage or torso skin. The effectiveness of this method had been proven by clinical studies. Skin irritation to where the patch was applied is its most known side effect.

Gel. Transdermal gels are applied to the skin on the upper arm or abdomen. It must be applied at least 6 hours before getting it wet. If properly used it could be effective for as long as 24 hours. The side effects of this method includes acne, headache, adverse reaction to the skin where it is applied.

Tablet . This method is composed by almost 1/3 of US prescriptions despite the damage it can cause to the user’s liver. The testosterone in tablet form may either be modified and unmodified. The unmodified testosterone is rapidly absorbed by the liver causing damage. This means that the hormone will not be able to finish its functions. Even the modified testosterone must be taken in large quantity that can also cause trouble to the liver.

Injection. This method is available to almost all anti-aging clinics. Though the frequent need to be injected may cause some inconvenience, for others, its results are all worth it. However, if you intend to go for this method, make sure that you are taking your therapy from a registered and competent clinic to ensure the treatment is safe.

The decline of testosterone level can be corrected. You can maintain a good health and have a body that is much younger than your true age. Testosterone replacement therapy can make you experience these things.