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Details About Santa Barbara Mini Facelift

Mini facelift, also known as mini lift, limited-incision facelift, S lift (short scar lift) is a highly effective technique used to freshen up your natural beauty and to improve your self-confidence. The procedure repositions the skin and soft tissues of the face that show signs of aging, thus endowing patients with a more youthful appearance without a pinched or pulled look.

Best Candidates for Mini Facelifts

Mini facelift is probably most applicable to patients, those under 50 years of age. This procedure can be carried out painlessly under local anesthesia. When done properly in accordance with the skin quality of the patient, it brings amazing results that lasts anywhere from 8 to 10 years. In normal cases, recovery times following a mini face lift is anywhere between 10 days to two weeks. Depending upon the amount of work done and size of the area affected, it varies slightly.You can get additional information at Santa Barbara Mini Facelift.

Natural Results, Minimal Scarring

Mini facelift is a good and effective procedure, with more advantages than traditional facelift. This technique produces better cosmetic results with minimal scarring that is nearly invisible, and this one of the great advantages. Mentioned below are some other advantages of the mini facelift:

-Natural-looking results

-Coagulation resulting in tissue tightening

-Minimum downtime

-Lesser bruising or swelling

-Rapid recovery

-Lower cost than a full facelift

As with all surgery, there are risks of hematoma, infection, skin discoloration, or poor wound healing.