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About Collaborative Networking

Networking can be challenging if you’re shy or simply new to networking.  While networking is often seen as a way to connect with others one-on-one, though, going it alone is not the only way, and not even necessarily the best way. Read on for the benefits of approaching a networking event as a team project and two ways to do it. I strongly suggest you to visit networking tips from KingBridgeCentre.com to learn more about this.

1.Tag-Team Networking

If you want a change of pace from striking out on your own at a networking event, try doing some “tag team” networking.

Go with a friend or associate for some moral support. Then find opportunities to introduce your friend to others. Make sure to praise their business virtues while making the introduction – something that most of us don’t do for ourselves.  Even if we could, it’s not half as effective as if someone else does it for us.

Here’s an example:  “Have you met my friend Bob? He’s an amazing Chiropractor who works magic by quickly eliminating small back pain…  Obviously, make sure you can adequately describe each other’s business in an engaging way.  An extra benefit of tag-team networking is that you’ll be able to double your efforts and contacts because you can share your connections with your tag partner.

2. Networking with Friends

There is an art and skill to tag team networking.  Don’t even think of falling into the trap of spending too much time together.  For example, as tempting as it may be, if there’s a meal, don’t necessarily sit at the same table with your friends or business associates.  Or if you do, be sure not to sit beside each other.

Sitting with a few chairs between you or across the table from each other will help keep the focus on including others in your conversation. You can still tag team and talk about each other.  But it’s clear to everybody else that they’re welcome to listen in — and get involved in the conversation.

3. Remember to Circulate

You may be tag teaming, but don’t hog your team partner.  Also circulate by yourself and let them do the same.  And be sure not to get too involved in lengthy conversations with  one person, especially not the person you came with.

At an event, you want to connect and share ideas, but you also need to make sure to move on. You’ll get more from the event meeting several people briefly than from meeting just one or two intensely. It’s better to get into the details in a follow-up conversation or meeting.