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Antique Lighting Ideas

Antiques add character to a home. Not only are they a great piece in a room, but they also can carry a story. Antiques for obvious reasons are perfect for old homes, but they can also be fun to decorate with in newer homes.antique lighting is one of the authority sites on this topic.

There are many different options for incorporating antiques into a room. One of the biggest and easiest ways to add an antique-look is to use lighting to your advantage. Lighting can either accentuate the existing antiques, or the light fixture can be the antique. Either are good options, it just depends on your preference.

Using Light to Highlight Antiques

Intentional lighting works perfectly for drawing attention to antique objects. Placing a wall mounted antique beneath a ceiling mounted light will make it stand out. Track lighting, cabinet lighting, and spot lights are also other great options for your room. Track lighting is perfect because it is overhead light that you can move around and point in any direction that needs light. Cabinet lights are perfect if you have an old antique cabinet, or if you have antique objects on the cabinet. Spot lights are also a perfect option for illuminating the antiques in your space. Small spotlights in a home provide the perfect amount of directed light. Whatever needs to have bright light in your room should be illuminated with a spot light.

Using Antique Lights

There are a couple different options for using antique lights in a room. You can either buy an actual antique light, or you can buy a reproduction of an antique. An authentic antique may be a little costly, but they are unmistakably beautiful. Reproduction antique lights are much cheaper, and they usually look the same, or are a very close duplicate to authentic antiques. There are many different period pieces you can get as well. Plan before you buy. There are Victorian, colonial, classical, and many other time period fixtures. Decide which would be best for your home.

When buying genuine antiques-be wary. There are a lot of scams out there that trick people into thinking they’re buying an antique. There are a few things you should keep in mind. Do your research. Researching a specific fixture can tell you exactly what year it was crafted in. Watch out for reproduction fixtures that are being sold as “antiques”. Many times, actual antiques can look almost identical to reproductions. If you’re afraid of being scammed when buying, an antique store is always the safe option, but they tend to be a little more expensive.

Antique reproductions are the second option when trying to incorporate antique lighting in your home. I would recommend getting reproductions, because they are much less expensive, and only you have to know it’s not an antique. They are also probably more reliable because they use modern lighting technology. Even if you can’t find an antique replicate that is exactly what you’re looking for, there are many modern lights that have the characteristics of antiques. Typically antiques use very specific materials. The materials include iron, brass, bronze, crystal, and wood. If you can find a modern light that is made out of these materials, there is a good chance that you can get an antique effect, without paying a high price.