Reasons To Contact DWI Attorney Near Me

Contacting a DWI attorney as soon as possible after the stop can sometimes make a huge difference in the outcome of a case. While the details of how these cases are handled will vary significantly depending on the jurisdiction, the time span for contact can be important. Dwi Attorney near me has some nice tips on this.

-Getting enough time to prepare the case
People sometimes think that what a lawyer does is to work with paperwork. While this may be an important aspect of their jobs, there are often other key things that they need to do for clients such as obtain evidence. This sometimes has to do with how the person was tested or deemed to be under the influence or it may have to do with what brought the person to the attention of the arresting officer or how the stop was handled. A lawyer may need to get copies of the test results, find out how the testing equipment has been maintained to see how accurate it is or to get audio or video recordings that come from inside the law enforcement vehicle. All of these things may take time to accomplish.

-How the evidence tells the story
A person may be legally drunk but if the stop was not handled correctly, it may require that the charge be tossed out. There are very specific protocols for how these stops are conducted. If the stop does not meet this requirement, it is to the client’s advantage. This is why it may be important for the lawyer to request copies of tapes or other evidence.

Another factor in some areas of the country is that this kind of evidence can be used in a DMV hearing, if the state offers this opportunity. Many of these hearings require that the attorney act quickly, sometimes as little as a ten day window of opportunity to request one.

-Beating the odds
Not all cases will be ones in which the attorney will be able to get the charges dismissed. In the event that it is not possible, having an attorney handle the case is the best way to get the most favorable outcome. This is never something people should attempt alone for many reasons. Part of this may be that the attorney will know the most favorable judges and courts but also how to get a case moved to a new court when possible or favorable. Using an attorney may also help to minimize the outcome and provide a more favorable result for the client.