Getting Ready for Spring-An Info

Is it the mess that is bothering you? Or is it what you… or others may think about the mess that is bothering you. There are all kinds of reasons to keep a clean house. Or at least a functional house. And in the best of all worlds, a functionally clean house is what we have, 100% of the time. And then there are the rest of us. Some of us are challenged with organization, focus and self discipline, the top three things that will make or break our effectiveness in all that we do. Some of us are not, but when we add a few¬† typical heavy weights into our life, we find things getting out of control .click here for more

Things like…

lots of little kids. Or big ones for that matter.

working in or out of the home.

becoming a single mom or dad or having spouses who work away from home.

elderly parents or family who depend on us.

That kind of thing.

When you’re dealing with one or more of the above, it might be time to cut yourself some slack.


Be aware from the get go that there is a razor thin edge here. Too much acceptance can result in a chaos that can send you straight off the deep end. But not enough can result in depression, frustration, a short temper and worst of all, a feeling that you are not capable that starts to permeate everything you do. The irony is that once that feeling sets in, it will effect everything…

your parenting skills.

your effectiveness on the job.

your relationships.

your ability to create a home and happy life.


We walk a fine line between feeling stressed… or feeling blessed.

The good news is that it’s always your choice. Being aware that your circumstances can dictate your effectiveness and that perfection is not a requirement to a happy home can go a long way in taking a load off. Ironically as you accept it as it is, you find the strength to change it. You find more energy and a better attitude to tackle your challenges and start cleaning up. Go figure! When you are there, starting small with a daily boost using a housework routine can work wonders, and you can give yourself a big leg up by doing a spring clean up – even if it isn’t spring. Follow my progress as I go through the rooms in my house doing my own spring cleaning.