Effective Termite Control Services Near Me

For any home owner, termites are perhaps your biggest enemy. This irritating pest can cause serious damage to your home as they eat their through wooden structures, furniture and anything else that is made of wood in your homes. The problem is you won’t even realize the problem as on most occasions it happens beyond your sight deep inside the wooden structure. Being social insects they live in colonies which can often count more than millions of members. Have a look at Termite Control Services near me for more info on this. They continuously digest wooden fibres and other forms of cellulose thus causing you immense loss. You need to act in quickly to minimize damages at your home.

Hire Termite Professionals To effectively control termites you would need the services of a professional firm. There are hundreds of DIY tips to control termites but in most cases your effort wouldn’t help you achieve considerable success. Since this job relies a lot on the use of poisonous chemicals it can lead to serious health issues. In short termite control is a highly challenging task and would require professional expertise. To start with professionals would carry out termite inspection to ascertain the requirements and also the damages that have already been inflicted upon you by these unwelcome guests.

Effective Steps in Controlling TermitesThere are two effective ways in which a professional contractor can deal with the problem of termites at your home or commercial establishment. They are –

Use of Termidor

It is by far America’s most popular termite solution and being used widely. It is a non-repellent chemical formula ensuring termites can’t see it, smell it or taste it which means they can’t avoid it. Instead they contact, ingest and even share it with others completely unaware of it. This has made it into a potent weapon in eradicating termites. No other solution has every come close and its effect can last for several years after application as has been substantiated by field trials conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. More than one million homes have benefitted from this treatment as Termidor Certified Professionals have delivered remarkable results for their clients.

Exterra Baiting System

It has emerged as a very effective way of controlling termites. The Exterra Baiting System protects your home from the invasion of termites and does it continually. Here interceptors or small strips of wood that are highly preferred by termites are placed around your property and help in intercepting the termites. Once this has been achieved Termite Bait is added to station. Labyrinth Termite Bait is among the most popular label and once the termites feed it the colony is eliminated easily and quickly. This prevents any major loss to your homes.