Dos & Don’ts For A Successful Calorie Deficit Diet-Insights

A healthy diet for weight loss involves eating food. Skipping one meal a day or eating dinner only through out the day will not help you lose weight, instead it will only encourage binge eating. A healthy diet only requires clever choosing of food and watching the calories you consume per day. The first step to a healthy diet is to make sure you get enough sleep; sleep helps the body to relax and always have a meal planner to help plan meals before. Then there’s the task of having to throw away all the food that is unhealthy like the chocolates and the pizzas, this might seem hard but it ensures you have no way of falling into temptation. great post to read is an excellent resource for this.

Healthy diet for weight loss must be followed with no compromise. High fiber foods are good as they keep you fuller for longer. When it comes to meal planning, a healthy breakfast must never be skipped, a healthy breakfast kicks starts the metabolism at a faster pace. A large quantity of fruits should be eaten to detoxify the body and not forgetting the snacks in-between meals. Snacks are a great way of getting rid of that craving of eating a strawberry dipped in chocolate syrup for desert, a fruit salad might be the best option. Beverages help to gain or lose weight, drinking water every thirty minutes before meals can help make you feel full faster than drinking water afterward. There are various diets to choose from, choose one that works according to you and your health status. A healthy diet can also be followed with the right state of mind. If the mind is not in it then the body definitely will not allow you to not to eat the foods that make you happy and make you want feel guilty after.

Unhealthy diets for weight loss

When one thinks of dieting they immediately think not eating breakfast or not eating at all. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia are causing a scary pandemic amongst young teens of today, they drink laxatives which causes all the food they eat to come out of their bodies, if they eat at all. Drinking laxatives causes weight loss at a faster speed but it causes the stomach not to retain much water and prevents the body from absorbing water in the large intestines. Most of the food is absorbed in the small intestines therefore they only damage the colon. While water is lost in the colon, dehydration occurs which leads to constipation. Other teens suffer from bulimia. This is simple binge eating all the unhealthy food one likes at a higher quantity and inducing vomiting to remove all the food from the body. No weight is gained but leads to severe health problems and anorexia nervosa potentially leading to death in severe cases.