Dental Implant Treatment Overview

Dental implants can help you change the way you live. This is because you will regain the ability to eat the stuff that you were unable to eat because of missing teeth. Implants act are designed to act as foundations for the teeth to be replaced. The replaced teeth appear, feel, and function just like natural teeth. Dental implants also help in preserving facial contours. In fact, dental implants help you get a beautiful set of teeth you can start smiling once again with a lot of confidence

Dental Implants – What Are They

The Dental implant is small posts made of titanium. They are placed into your jawbones through a surgical procedure at locations where there are no teeth. The dental implants act as substitutes for the teeth root and they bond with the bones to create a strong foundation for the artificial teeth. Implants help preserve your facial structure and prevent deterioration of the bone that often occurs because of missing teeth. It is also possible to replace one or more teeth that are missing by attaching a crown, a bridge, or a complete set of dentures over the these tips by fitneass.comĀ 

Dental Implant Treatment Procedure

All healthy patients having good oral hygiene and those that are not restricted from subjecting themselves to minor surgical procedures are candidates for dental implants and replacement of missing teeth. Your dentist will examine implant site and determine whether sufficient gum thickness and bone volume are available to place an implant. It all starts with a clinical examination and involves inspection and palpation. The implant site and the adjacent teeth are also gently probed. For most patients, simple dental x-rays are sufficient to determine the bone volume and gum thickness. In complex cases, tomograms, specialized implant x-rays are recommended.

Best dental clinics employ the most recent technological advancements in fixing dental implants. A second procedure is not required to uncover the implants, but they need at least six weeks to fully heal. The artificial teeth are fixed after this time period. Implants may be fixed in position at the time of tooth extraction as deemed fit by your dentist. If the quality and bone volume is adequate, then the dentist may sometimes load your implants with the final crown within 10 to 15 days.