5 Tips For Neck And Back Pain Relief at Work

From prolonged working hours to regular use of mobiles, the modern lifestyle takes its toll on our body. These habits are the reason behind why more people are experiencing neck and back pain. The way we carry ourselves at workplace seriously impacts our body, especially the neck and back. That is why anyone troubled with neck and back pain needs to keep a check on their conduct at work. To help, we list five tips that can help bring neck and back pain relief at the workplace.Do you want to learn more? Visit Funnymodo.com suggested 7 things to avoid for people suffering from back pain.

1. Set Up Your Workstation

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The place where you work, your workstations plays a big role in the way your body holds up. If you log long hours in the office, it is imperative that you have an ergonomic workstation. Make sure your computer screen is at your eye level, the system is within your reach, and also you don’t have to move your hand far to control the mouse. You may also ask your employer to provide you with standing or adjusting desk, which will enable you to stand for part of the day to work.

2. Place a Cushion to Support Your Back

While setting up the workstation plays a crucial role in keeping your body in the right position, a comfortable chair ensures your body, especially back, is well-rested and there’s no pressure on it. If possible get a chair with lumbar support, else place a cushion to support your lower back. Also, tilting the back of the chair ever so slightly to get into a reclined position can do a world of good to your neck and back pain.

3. Sit in Upright Position

Image result for Manage Back PainA crucial requirement for ergonomic office setup is your sitting position. We often make the mistake of sit in weird positions, which seem comfortable but can cause pain in the neck and back. For everyone who spends long hours in front of the computer, doctors recommend they sit in upright position, with their feets flat on the floor. Also, adjust your chair in a way that your thighs are angled down. In this position, your weight is on the sitting bones or ischial tuberosities and not on your back.

4. Take Short Breaks

Sticking to your chair for long hours can not only result in fatigue but also distorts your posture. If you are already troubled with neck and back pain, remaining glued to your set is probably the worst thing to do. Rather leave your seat at least once an hour to go to the bathroom or walk around in the office or go up to a colleague to have a word. You may also use the break to perform some shoulder rolls to reduce pressure on the spinal disks. These simple breaks will help you be more limber and less stressed.

5. Avoid Working on Mobile/Tablet for Long Hours

Mobiles and tablets have become our lifeline. We rely on it to connect with our loved ones and entertainment, also using them for emails and to perform other work commitment can take a toll on our health. Looking down on phone for prolonged hours causes discomfort in the neck. That is why it is recommended that people with neck and upper back pain should keep mobile and tablet use to a minimum. Use your system to answer emails and perform other activities, as working on a computer helps maintain good posture. Also, avoid pinning the between shoulder and ear as it can lead to a sprain in the neck and start using headset or speakerphone to answer calls.