Catch or Trap a Mouse Without killing It

If you are like me and just cannot hurt animals then you may gain something from reading this article.Many years ago I worked as a security guard at a local shopping centre. Amongst my many duties, I was often asked to perform duties outside of the usual. On a normal day I had been asked by a manager clothes store within the shopping centre to remove a ferocious rodent from the ladies loo. Luckily for me I am not scared of rats or mice so I was keen to accept.I had been asked to remove the ‘rodent’ anyway I saw fit. Luckily for the rodent I am against killing animals so I went in prepared with a brush and bucket.I quickly realised that my chosen trap wasn’t going to help much! The ferocious rodent as described by the shop staff was nothing more than a rather cute, baby mouse.Do you want to learn more? Visit What Is the Best Bait for a Mousetrap .

I first saw it in the corner behind he ladies sanitary bin. When I tried to grab it he just flew off round the room at speeds that defied belief. To cut the story shorter I caught him in the bin and noticed he could jump, but not high enough to escape. This got me to thinking that a bin is a good choice of trap that will not hurt a mouse.So after some research, here is how you get the mouse into the Bin.If you are troubled by Mice in your kitchen try placing some seductive mouse food at one end of a kitchen roll tube. Place the tube balanced over the edge of your kitchen side, so that if the mouse tries to enter the tube, its weight will topple the tube over the edge – think about it!Now underneath the tube on the kitchen floor place a deep bin about a foot tall will do. So now leave over night it may take a few tries but eventually the mouse will enter the tube and fall into the bin. I’ve got a friend who has used this animal friendly trap twice with success.

Family Law Attorney – An Analysis

A family law attorney is an attorney who handles legal issues pertaining to families, such as divorce, custody hearings, prenuptial agreements and paternity actions. Basically, any issue having to do with domestic relations falls under the umbrella of family law. When you are faced with any of these issues in California, you will require the services of a Beverly Hills family law attorney. Berenji and associates can advise you and protect your legal rights should you be facing divorce or separation, as well as other issues in family law.Family Law Attorney near me

Divorce and Legal Separation
Beverly Hills family law attorney Hossein Berenji is an experienced attorney and litigator who primarily focuses on high net worth divorce proceedings. Berenji and associates are committed to obtaining a favorable outcome for their clients, regardless of whether the divorce is amicable or litigious in nature. Whether a divorce can be handled easily or will require court time, Berenji and associates will fight tirelessly to ensure their clients receive justice.

Other Areas of Family Law
Spousal support- Spousal support is not always mandatory and is decided on a case-by-case basis. If you are seeking spousal support, you will want to engage the services of a family law attorney who can help you navigate the complexities of this area. A Beverly Hills family law attorney can help you gain what you are entitled to under the law.

Child support- whether you wish to set up joint custody or gain sole custody of minor children, your spouse is obligated under law to provide support until children attain legal age. Berenji and associates can assist you in ensuring that child support adheres to the guidelines set forth by the state of California. Having difficulty in getting paid the support due to your children? Berenji and associates can advocate for you in obtaining child support that is owed.

Pre- and post-nuptial agreements- pre- and post-nuptial agreements are set in place to protect the interests of both spouses in the event of separation or divorce. Although no one likes to think that their marriage will fail, having an ironclad agreement in place provides protection should a marriage fail. These agreements can save you money and help you avoid legal hassles should the marriage fail for any reason.

Custody- custody is often hotly debated when couples decide to separate or divorce. A Beverly Hills family law attorney can guide you through the legal proceedings necessary to obtain custody of your children in the event that custody becomes an issue. In this circumstance, you will need a knowledgeable attorney who is aware of all the nuamnces of the law in this area. Berenji and associates have the necessary experience, skill and knowledge to get you the outcome you desire.

Paternity- paternity action cases help to determine the rights of unmarried couples over their minor children, including visitation and support. If paternity is at issue, California law provides that men are entitled to DNA testing to prove fatherhood.